Abseil window cleaning

We have some of the most experienced and competent window cleaning rope access technicians in Australia. We use abseiling to reach and clean high level windows or windows that are inaccessible with other methods.

Rope Access

This can be a very cost effective method which will not require any heavy machinery. When it comes to Health and Safety we know that this is the most important factor in our trade, and we have very strict health and safety policies for our Abseiliers and window cleaning Staff.

Some of the advantages of cleaning windows by abseil are: Access can be gained to work areas that would be impossible by any other means, for example sites above rivers, water, trees, or walls. There is no need for large flat ground areas beneath the work site.

Cleaning windows by abseil also has minimal disturbance to building occupants, pedestrians and traffic flow.

Our Window Cleaning Abseilers are all IRATA certificated

IRATA is the main governing international body for industrial rope access (commercial abseiling) and our Abseiling window cleaning staff are qualified internationally within this trade.

One of the advantages of using Work Mantra is that we also have our own dead weight trolley systems and A-frame systems. This specialist equipment allows us to abseil safely if you have no eye bolts or anchor points on your roof. This is a cost effective solution to not installing eye bolts on your roof.

Reduce Your Risk with Detailed Risk Assessments

All sites will have a thorough survey inspection to produce detailed risk and method assessments for all work. The Risk and Method statements for window cleaning abseiling is produced free of charge.

Abseiling Services

Work Mantra Window Cleaning not only covers cleaning services but a wide range of specialist services using rope access.

Other Abseiling Services we offer are:

  • Painting and decorating abseilers
  • Experienced banner and sign fitting abseilers
  • Wind Turbine access for cleaning, inspection and maintenance.
  • Data cabling abseileirs
  • Confined Space Entry Access to ductwork, risers, cooling towers, and incinerators etc for maintenance or installation purposes.
  • Rescue Cover For scaffolding or other industries where a rescue procedure must be in place.
  • Height Safety Assessments Written procedures and on site assessments for building owners and facility personnel.
  • Civil Bridge inspection and maintenance.

Why Choose Work Mantra for Abseiling Services?

We understand that health and safety is the most important factor in our business and we have a strict health and safety policy for our staff. When you hire our abseiling team, you can rest assured you will receive a safe and excellent service.

One of the advantages of using a company like Work Mantra is that we have in house access equipment that we can use if you do not have eye bolts or anchor points on your roof. This gives us the capability to abseil in almost any given situation, without having to hire special machinery or fit eye bolts onto your roof.

Abseiling is an ideal solution for access problems encountered, it is not only efficient but also cost effective and safe. It offers flexibility and access solutions that ordinary means (scaffolding, cherry pickers, ladders) cannot match. Scaffolding and cherry pickers cause disproportional disruption and escalate costs.

To find out more contact Work Mantra today for a friendly professional service.

High Rise Abseiling Services FAQ.

Useful information and What you need to know.

Can I hire just one abseiler?

Abseiling Services requires a minimum of 2 abseiliers

What are the safe wind working conditions for abseiling?

Safe working conditions require that there is a safe working wind speed. Maximum speed is 23mph (IRATA International Guidelines).

What if I do not have a wind meter to measure wind speed?

If you do not have wind meter on site you can always use the cranes in the area around you as a guide. Although the safe workable wind speed varies from crane to crane, as a guide, the maximum wind speed at which lifting operations can take place is 10 metres per second (22 mph).

Therefore you could say if the wind speed is more than 22mph the cranes will not be in operation and the crane arm will be in an upright position. Therefore you know if the cranes arms are usually up, that it likely the working conditions for abseiling are also unsafe.

What if I have no “eye bolts” or anchor points on my roof?

Not to worry, we have invested in our own specialist anchorage equipment that we can bring onto site and this allows us to abseil safely with minimal disturbance to your roof and is a cost effective solution if you have no eye bolts on your roof.

Can I have eye bolts installed?

Yes we are certified to test and fit eye bolts. Call our team for a free quotation and survey.

Abseil window cleaning

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